Purlish Multi Millet Mixes

Cook Traditional Food in less than 15 Minutes. Stay Healthy! Stay Fitto!

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Purlish Multi Millet Mixes

Why a Millet Diet is a good lifestyle?

With our Products, we’re simplifying the cooking process and making healthy diet less sophisticated. Our customers get the best diet and lifestyle through an easy, less time-consuming process

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Low-fat content millets


Don’t miss millets. The abundance of protein and low-fat content in millets keeps your tummy full and satisfied for longer

Natural millets

Building your muscles?

Rely on millets for a natural source of protein, iron & calcium to build muscles and strengthen bones

Low blood sugar Millets

Worried about spiking your blood sugar levels?

Millets are rich in dietary fiber, low in Glycemic Index (GI) and don't spike your blood sugar levels

Iron rich Millets

Millets are a Power House of Energy

The abundance of iron reduces fatigue and aids your immune system

Our Product range

Healthy lifestyle with a touch of Tradition

Multi Millet Idli Mix

Multi Millet Idli Mix

Introducing Purlish Foods’ Instant Idli Mix. Our soft and delicious Idlies are made from Varagu (Kodo Millet). Relish the taste of our hot idlies with freshly ground Chutney & Sambar. Our products are not Ready Made Millet Products. It hardly takes 15 minutes to make Millet Idlies using Purlish products. Open our box, transfer the powdered batter to a cooking dish, add water, and steam on your regular steamer or cooker. Our Idlies have 5x Protein and 8x Fiber compared to the traditional rice Idlies. This can also be used to make Millet Dosa. Add a tad bit higher amount of water than prescribed to make Dosa Batter.

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Multi Millet Pongal Mix

Multi Millet Pongal Mix

Purlish Foods’ Pongal Mix helps you prepare Instant Pongal, that is packed with protein and tastes delicious. Our pongal is an energy booster. Made from Varagu (Kodo Millet), Saamai (Little Millet) and Kudhiraivaali (Barnyard Millet), it is the perfect energetic meal. The ghee, pepper corns and roasted cashews would make your heart yearn for more. Open the Purlish Pongal Box, transfer the ingredients to the pressure cooker, add water and salt to taste, cook to 5 whistles. Millet Pongal is ready in just 10 minutes. Our Pongal has 4x Protein and 7x Fiber compared to the traditional rice Pongal.

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Multi Millet Biriyani Mix

Multi Millet Biriyani Mix

Add a twist to your Biryani fantasies by tasting Purlish Foods’ Instant Biriyani Mix made from Varagu (Kodo Millet), Saamai (Little Millet) and Kudhiraivaali (Barnyard Millet). Our Instant Multi Millet Biriyani Mix contains all the authentic spices required for an aromatic Biriyani. Open the Purlish Biriyani Box, transfer the ingredients to the pressure cooker. Add water and toss some veggies or meat (for non-veg lovers) to enter a new world of Biryanis. Our Biriyani’s have 4x Protein and 8x Fiber compared to the traditional rice Biriyani. Satisfy your Biriyani cravings in a healthy way.

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  • Multi Millet Idli Mix
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  • Multi Millet Biryani Mix
Multi Millet Idli Mix

Multi Millet Idli Mix

Multi Millet Biryani Mix

Multi Millet Biryani Mix

Multi Millet Pongal Mix

Multi Millet Pongal Mix

Multi Millet Idli Mix

Multi Millet Idli Mix

Multi Millet Biryani Mix

Multi Millet Biryani Mix

Multi Millet Pongal Mix

Multi Millet Pongal Mix

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Our Customers love us

I made Chicken Biriyani with Purlish's Multi Millet Mix. It was so delicious and tasted like Dum Biriyani. The entire cooking process was very simple and enjoyable.


50 year old businessman - An avid traveller and a foodie at heart

Purlish's Idli is a good, quick breakfast. The idlis were fluffy, soft and tasty. My kids really loved them and I am happy that I could introduce millets into my kids' diet.


40 year old home maker and a mother of 2 - conscious of nutrition

Purlish Pongal Mix tasted good and it had the right amount of rice, dhal & millets. It also comes with cashew, pepper & curry leaves. Cooking time was less than 10 minutes.


27 year old marketing professional - wannabe health freak


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Millets are rich in protein and fiber, providing the necessary nutrition for our body. Millets are gluten free, low in fat and very healthy for people looking to maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

  • We're available on Amazon & Flipkart. Alternatively you can write to us at fitto@purlishfoods.com for enquiries.

  • As food products are consumable in nature, we currently do not offer returns or replacements.

  • Purlish products are Ready To Cook (RTC) Products. All our products involve a minimum cooking time of 10 to 15 minutes. Please follow the cooking instructions carefully.

  • Each package of Purlish products are 150g in net weight and can serve 2-3 people easily

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About Us

About Purlish Foods


An online Instant Millet Mix Food Brand

Our food products contain multi millets mixed with rice and various spices, giving a healthy meal that is authentic, tasty and aromatic. Millets are such an important source of energy and protein. They’re very good for weight loss and building muscles. With a low glycaemic index, they do not shoot up blood sugar levels and are the ideal companion for diabetics.

Whole millets are available in the market in plenty. But how to cook them, more importantly, how to make them delicious? Why take the pains of buying millets or organic millets and trying to introduce them into your diet?

  • Try out the Purlish range of Instant Millet Mixes which come with a delicious and tasty recipe for Idli, Dosa, Biriyani and Pongal
  • Our products are not Ready to Eat or Ready Made Products
  • Our products are made from natural ingredients and do not contain any preservatives
  • We will shortly introduce Instant Food Products made from organic millets
  • All our Instant Mix food products can be cooked under 15 minutes

Try out the Purlish products. We’re also available on Amazon & Flipkart.

Stay Healthy! Stay Fitto!